Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pulled Pork

We are on a pork kick at my house, if you couldn't tell...
When I dream about Texas Roadhouse's pulled pork dinner, I know I have to find a good recipe.
This one came from Good Things Utah, when they had Rib City on..
It is sooo yummy!

1 small 2lb-4lb pork butt "bone in", or pork collar, or roast bone in or no bone
1 bottle Liquid Smoke
1 blend of Vegetable blend spices (Season Salt,Celery Salt,Pepper, Salt, Montreal BBQ Spices,Garlic powder mixed together)
1 bottle Rib City Sweet BBQ sauce ( I used Bull's Eye, Hickory smoke)
Spread all spices on Pork Roast or Butt forming almost a crust, or thick layer.
ear off 2 big pieces of foil to cover roast.
Pour 1/2 bottle liquid smoke into foil with roast. Wrap the 1st sheet then wrap it again with the 2nd sheet so the juices cannot escape when cooking.
Place in a shallow pan or cooking tray. Slow cook on convection bake or regular oven at 375 for 4 hours and then 275 for 4 more hours.
Unwrap and pull bone (if any). Take a fork and make sure that the meat separates easily. Leave cooking juice and put in bowl and pull with forks or gloved hands.
Add BBQ sauce.

This one was a real winner... no one could stop eating it. It was so tender, the foil was the only thing keeping it together.

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