Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A New Dish

I am always up for trying a new dinner dish...it seems like we have the same dozen or so old standbys that end up on the menu week after week, month after month. So I am always thrilled to find something new that everyone likes. And that something is always that much better when it comes pre-made, from Costco. ...even better when it's cheap....and a bonus when it's somewhat halty for you.

I found such a meal just yesterday. Lettuce Wraps. Yup, my whole family ate 'em. Even Hannah. That speaks volumes! They came packaged in a twin pack complete with all the fixins': Lettuce halves, cooked chicken and mushrooms in some saucy stuff, plenty of rice noodles (yum)and some spicy dipping sauce (the chicken was spicy enough for me, but Hailey and Tyler enjoyed it on theirs.)

I bought two of the twin packs (each costing $5 and something) I figure for $12, if my whole family is full- and all I had to do was open some pouches and stick 'em in the microwave for 5 minutes- then I have a winner!

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