Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hey guys! I am loving all the recipes! I have tried several and am happy to report that our menu is expanding! Yay!!!

We have a couple new authors. Diane is my friend from BYU..the good ol' days. And Dana is my new friend (Rnady's friend from high school.)

I was looking back through the posts and I saw that I am horrible at labeling my posts. But I reailized that for this blog, labeling will make it so much easier to find recipes. (Notice the left hand column has the labels you can click on to find the recipe.)So in doing that, maybe if the lables were a little nore chicken, pork, will be easy to find what you want. You can also be sepcific like: fajitas, chocoalte chip, etc... but having a broad category would be helpful.

What do y'all think?


Mindy said...

Yay!! I like it...

Dana said...

Great plan! Just teach me how to do it! :)

Can I correct the mistake I made on my first entry? I put the chile and cake in at the same time so they are under the same heading? How can I correct this?